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Trimo Urban Crash 2013

Trimo Urban Crash 2013



Trimo Urban Crash, an international competition for students of architecture and design, the aim is the area of modular space / container architecture. Easy to transport, environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable, container buildings represent the essence of the future today.


2013's subject deals with sustainable mobility in the capital city of Slovenia. The city of Ljubljana has almost 170 km of different cycling lanes and tracks. The city encourages the re-routing of motor vehicle traffic and works to provoke increased interest in cycling with various services, including the widespread public bicycle rental scheme BicikeLJ, as well as cycling portals and navigation systems.




The Trimo Urban Crash 2013 Competition deals with the reinvention of modular space unit composition. The task is to design a creative urban meeting point – the Bike Base. Participants should focus on the cyclists’ user experience. There are several reasons to stop at the Bike Base:

• grabbing a morning coffee or pastry on the way to work or school

• enjoying an after-work refreshment or a chat with friends

• resting along your cycling tour or in between stops

• checking your mail at the wireless hot-spot

• charging your mobile phone, laptop or your electric bike

• making a small repair or topping up your tire pressure

Demographically, visitors of the Bike Base will come from very different social and age groups: students, working people, commuters and occasional cyclists, people who ride for fun, tourists, people who use a bicycle in/for their work (couriers, letter carriers), sport cyclists, electric bikers, and even pedestrians


The design should have maximum of 3 Trimo Modular Units, each unit has measurements as followed:

• width: 243 cm x height: 276 cm x length: 605 cm


Dunajska cesta Ljubljana, Slovenia

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